Special ""Inflation""

It is clear that inflation will have impacted us all: from the increase in the price of gasoline to the price of electricity and food, there are not many sectors spared.

Like everyone else, we had to increase our prices to cope with all these increases…

We understand that this may have put a strain on your vacation budget.

Therefore, here are some ideas to help you reduce the impact of inflation:

by booking directly , you will benefit from lower prices than online agencies (Airbnb, Booking, etc.)

-We provide you with an equipped kitchen to prepare your meals

The following services are included in our price :wifi, parking, sauna, Finnish bath, loan of bike and acupressure mat, welcome drinks and of course breakfast. Another important clarification: the tourist tax is also included.

-We offer attractive prices in our shop for regional and well-being products as well as for our drinks.

-We have notably set up ""Early Bird"" promotions up to 20% off

-We accept payment by holiday vouchers and connect holiday vouchers.

-And finally, by contacting us by email or telephone, you can also pay in several installments for your stay, it being understood that the balance must be paid by your day of arrival.

We hope that these measures will be useful to you.

Elizabeth and Clovis

Everything you need to know before coming to South Brittany

Here is some information you need to know to make the most of your stay and immerse yourself in Breton culture.

Let's start with a few words in Breton.

""DEGERMAT"" (welcome) to this blog reading. Do you know how to say ""hello"" in Breton? DEMAT. And goodbye? KENAVO of course!

During your stay, you will surely see posters on the roadsides for FEST NOZ or FEST DEIZ: these are traditional festivals where all generations dance to the rhythm of bombardes, binious or bagpipes. So, it will be better to strengthen your little finger if you want to participate because in certain dances, you hold yourself by it. You will certainly eat a sausage pancake there and if you toast with Bretons, you will hear "YEC'HED MAT" (pronounced Yir Mat). The GWENN HA DU will be deployed: this is the black and white Breton flag that you have surely seen during sporting events involving Breton teams or in concerts. The 9 bands of the flag correspond to the 9 bishoprics:5 black bands for Upper Brittany and 4 white bands for Lower Brittany.

AH DAM! If you go to the creperie, don't order a buckwheat crepe, but rather a galette. Crepes in Morbihan are wheat flour crepes, accompanied of course by a bowl of cider and turned with a ROZELL on a BILLIG. Perhaps you will be tempted to eat like a GOUELLE or to finish your meal with a LAMBIG.

If you want to prepare your meals in our kitchen provided, you will go shopping and ask for a POCHON (bag) and will be tempted to buy our BZH (Breton) products: from cola to chips, pastis or whiskey. So, no mistake: if you are on the terrace and order a cola, it will definitely be a Breizh Cola!!! Also remember to taste our far, our kouign amann or our local brioche, made on the Rhuys la Gotchial peninsula.

After these few notions of vocabulary, let's continue with the prejudices about Brittany and the famous "it rains all the time in Brittany". Maybe you'll get a little SQUALL (downpour).But, the weather in Brest and Ambon is very different. MY DOWN BENNIGET! We are in South Brittany and our weather is closer to that of Nantes than Brest...There is a difference of 3 to 4° between North Brittany and South Brittany...Although affected by climate change like all French regions , Southern Brittany continues to benefit from a mild and temperate climate, with heatwave days remaining rare. Located 3km as the crow flies from the ocean, a light breeze cools our nights.

Another prejudice: ""there is nothing to do in Brittany"". Hiking, water sports, golf, cycling, horse riding, sports enthusiasts will find a multitude of activities meeting their desire for outdoor sports or thrills. As for culture lovers, they will be able to enjoy the many festivals in our region: music, photography, paintings, books, etc. The old stones of our history and our villages of character will transport you to authentic Brittany, proud of these roots and of its culture. Cairns, menhirs, castles, chapels will take you back in time.

And to finish:

KENAVO, KEN AR WECH ALL (see you next time), Elisabeth

Enough is enough!!

We would have preferred to start the year with something other than a rant. But enough is enough...

It is not because we work in a service profession that we have to accept everything... Unfortunately, it is clear that inappropriate, not to say disrespectful, behavior is increasing among us, but not only... among our colleagues, the restaurateurs and other tourism professionals and more generally all professions with the public including doctors, nurses, etc.

So, it's true that the last 4 years have been stressful. Let's remember: attacks, strikes, then covid and confinements, health pass, war in Ukraine, gasoline for more than €2, scorching summer, fires, inflation...Stressful:yes, for everyone, including us, tourism professionals who have suffered from covid 19, its work bans and its constraints…2020: 5 months without activity; it tempts you…

Naively, we thought that everyone would be happy to return to a normal course of life and enjoy the simple things to which we no longer had access and that behaviors would have changed...Instead: aggressiveness, incivility, disrespect and with inflation free-rider and blackmail of opinions on the internet…STOP!!

We are therefore going to take the time to remind you of some essential rules which, we are sure, will be understood by the majority of you, and which for those who do not accept them will prevent them from coming to stay with us...

Let's start with the rules of good living which have obviously become obsolete, but which for us are essential to know:

-This may seem strange to some of you; but, at home, we greet each other on arrival, but also when we meet…Simply say HELLO …or in the Breton style: DEMAT!!

-As we are very sociable people, we sometimes talk to you...What could be more unpleasant than someone who ignores you and doesn't even answer you...Well, we invite these people to go to other places because in a guest house, it is customary to talk to each other...about everything and nothing, on-site services, places to visit, restaurants, good tips. Even if we send you a digital welcome booklet, reservation confirmation emails, on site, we favor face-to-face communication : not by SMS, not by email, except after 10 p.m. because there, we rest to be in good shape for you the next day…

-It is true that the property is large and it is tempting to park anyhow. This is why we are in the process of completely redoing the parking lot and the courtyard. Thus, everyone will have a clearly defined space in our enclosed parking lot . To ensure security, the parking lot is now monitored by cameras.As for the courtyard, it will be transformed into flower beds to provide freshness and shade in summer.

-For those who are in a hurry to arrive at our place, we remind them that the rooms are available from 5 p.m. Before, we are preparing them or taking a break and enjoying our children because we, too, have the right to have a family life...There is therefore no point in forcing yourself and introducing yourself at 12:30 p.m.…Our children will always come before your demands…

-We also thank you for respecting the "PRIVATE" signs and not entering our home without authorization... Unlike other guest houses, we do not wish to share common spaces with our guests, apart from the garden, always with the aim of preserving our family life. Our farmhouse is therefore divided into two: our family part and the spaces reserved for you. You have a bell next to the sewing machine to show your presence or contact us by phone, text, or email.After 10 p.m., we are no longer reachable because like everyone else, we need to sleep!!!

-Our guest house is " non-smoking ": this means that you can smoke outside and that you must throw your cigarette butts in an ashtray and not in the oyas which are water reservoirs for plants or in barbecues available free of charge...Non-smoking, this means that smoking is prohibited in the rooms for the comfort of all and for reasons of hygiene.

-We have taken the time to choose a careful decoration and to provide you with several services free of charge (bench, carpet, etc.) Also, when some people take with them objects, dishes or containers (tea boxes or cake bells), we understand that they liked the decor...but perhaps a little too much because they are private objects and therefore by taking them with you, you are committing theft which is punishable by law...For those who are in bad faith: No , these are not gifts…

-We also thank you for returning us in good conditionwhat we lend you, in particular the bikes which regularly come back to us covered in mud…

-It is, moreover, the same observation in the rooms in which some eat and leave all their garbage behind them: wine bottles, pizza boxes and others… We remind you that it is forbidden to eat in the rooms for hygiene issues and that is why we provide you with the dining room and the kitchen . Here too, we ask you to make the premises clean , that is to say, to clean your dishes, put them away, sort your waste. And no, it's not up to us to take out the trash to sort your waste... Remember that the kitchen is available for free!!! Finally, remember to take back your food and drinks left in the refrigerators when you leave.

Let us further specify that:

– our guest house is not an attraction, a museum or a public park that we show friends around…

– the accommodation is rented for a number of peopledefined, in general, 2 people and that therefore you cannot arrive at 3 or 4…

– our animal friends are not allowed because their owners make them do their business in our garden…

-Regarding malfunctions, they must be reported immediately. Only Clovis is authorized to work on electrical cabinets, plumbing elements and equipment including saunas and jacuzzis. Complaints made retrospectively with the aim of free riding when no report has been made on site will not be taken into account.

-Community facilities (sauna, Finnish bath, bicycle, mat) must be reserved in advance because they are privatized. The same rule applies for massages because we involve external service providers who are not available when the whistle blows... The same goes for the table d'hôtes: we work with fresh products which require shopping in advance...

-As part of our ""Ecolabel"" certification process, we strive to reduce our waste and our impact on the environment. Your help is therefore welcome. Thus, breakfast is served at the table and not in the form of a buffet. Quantities are calculated to avoid waste. But, if you have a big appetite, it is always possible to get more. You just need to request it. Furthermore, we invite you to be vigilant about your water consumption. You have noticed, just like us, that water is becoming a rare resource and that everyone must now be careful. It's the same approach for electricity: we thank you for turning on the air conditioning only if the outside temperature is above 26° and for closing it when you leave the room and for the heaters to limit the temperature to 19°.

There it seems to us that now everything is perfectly clear.

By coming to us, you will find a guest house where calm, respect and authenticity reign.This rant is published to preserve this atmosphere that we value.

We take risks by publishing it: the risk of displeasing or not being understood; but also to challenge those who share the same values as us and whom we will always have great pleasure in welcoming.

Elizabeth and Clovis.