Our garden and edible forest


Respect Courage Learning Surpassing

Belonging Authenticity Audacity Balance

Family Harmony Autonomy Modesty

Patience Meaning Sharing Happiness

  • A project born from our desire:

-to become independent by producing our own organic fruits and vegetables,

-to plant with our children each tree that will feed us tomorrow and that allow us, today, to create wonderful moments of sharing and memories.

  • A transmission of a nourishing garden developed together with respect for nature without pesticides, without fertilizers, just by observing our environment and collaborating with it, learning and using the intelligence of nature

  • A project that makes sense, which allows us to modestly participate in the regeneration of the forest and perhaps in the future of the planet because each initiative counts: we do our part, like Pierre Rabhi's hummingbird...

  • A garden full of daring by planting trees, exotic today, which perhaps tomorrow will become endemic with climate change...

  • A challenge for us who are not farmers and who have everything to learn, a colossal job with few resources but with a lot of heart and love of nature...