The Domaine and our values

The Domaine de Kérizel is a guest house where you take the time to enjoy life

""Degermat, Welcome!

Far from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, we suggest you slow down and resume a pace allowing you to enjoy the wonders that Nature offers us every day, to marvel again and find that child's gaze discovering things. for the 1st time.

With us, you will enjoy listening to the silence or savoring the song of the birds, perceiving the scent of roses or honeysuckle, tasting the products of our local producers, walking around the 16,000m² of the property, without neighbors, and enjoy the garden, the vegetable patch or our edible forest.

In 3 words: Breathe. Recharge. Find yourself.

Elizabeth and Clovis.

  • Respect and protect nature

Our guest house ""Le domaine de Kérizel""has been committed to an eco-responsible approach since its beginnings, that is to say since our purchase in April 2019. In fact, we bought this property to offer our children a healthy environment.

So, from the summer of 2019, we joined the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park label, keen to participate in the preservation of the fauna and flora of our region and to leave the landscapes of Morbihan intact for future generations.

In this context, we have started to implement actions to reduce our consumption of energy, water, our waste production and even to favor local products.

We have had the area listed as a ""bird refuge zone"" by the Bird Protection League to help us create spaces to shelter biodiversity. We believe in local initiatives: small streams will make big rivers…

The summer of 2022 continued to awaken our consciences and make us realize the urgency of the situation, hence a deep reflection on the adaptation of our habitat so that it remains livable in heat waves, the use of spaces farms that surround us to feed ourselves and our guests, hence an acceleration of work that was normally planned over the long term.

  • Reduce our impact on the environment: the EUROPEAN ECOLABEL

The ""European Ecolabel"" certification makes it possible to formalize and supervise this search for solutions and to go even further in this global reflection by taking into account nature as a stakeholder in the project. This certification is demanding, specialized and pushes us to identify the environmental issues linked to our activity, to seek solutions and to implement an action plan. A great approach that pushes us to do well!

This is how our policy is structured around 6 AXES:
construction, development and maintenanceof the Domaine by favoring local and environmentally friendly materials: schist, slate, wood, granite... Everything that makes Breton villages charming.
Management of water as a resource including awareness of waste, rainwater recovery, intelligent watering with oyas and porous pipes, installation of under-metering…And uh, no, oyas are not not ashtrays!!!
Energy management including raising awareness among our guests, rules for using air conditioning, greening the courtyard to create natural shaded areas, use of wood from the property for heating, solar water heating, digital disconnection zones …Spend energy: yes, for the comfort of our guests; but, intelligently while respecting the planet.
Waste management: reduction of packaging, composting, recycling, replacement of flyers with a digital welcome booklet, invoices sent by email, donations…Less waste and the pleasure of polluting less.
Protection of biodiversity , fauna and flora: zero pesticides and insecticides, installation of nest boxes, creation of a forest orchard, permaculture garden, installation of educational panels, information on the PNR, vegetarian cooking workshop… something to recharge your batteries, far from the cities, in contact with preserved nature.
Promoting the territory and its local producers: Our choice of quality local products, our advice for your visits are there to give you a real Breton experience and to help you discover and love our living and cultural heritage. We are locavores and in love with our region and love to share it.

  • Taking care of our region and its riches:


A regional natural parkis an inhabited territory, recognized at the national level for its strong heritage and landscape value, but fragile, which is organized around a concerted sustainable development project, based on the protection and enhancement of its heritage.
Its aim is to protect and enhance the natural, cultural and human heritage of its territory by implementing an innovative planning and economic, social and cultural development policy, respectful of the environment.

It implements actions linked to its 5 missions defined by the Environmental Code:

  • the protection and management of natural and cultural heritage, in particular through appropriate management of natural environments and landscapes;
  • territorial planning , by contributing to the definition and orientation of development projects;
  • economic and social development , by leading and coordinating economic and social actions to ensure quality of life in its territory; the Parks support environmentally friendly businesses that promote natural and human resources;
  • reception, education and public information . Parks promote contact with nature, raise residents' awareness of environmental problems;
  • experimentation and research . The Parks contribute to research programs and have the mission of initiating new procedures and methods of action.
  • Commit to protecting biodiversity: the LPO

Our area is classified as a ""refuge"" by the bird protection league. We are committed to welcoming and preserving local biodiversity by:

-creating space conditions conducive to the installation of wild fauna and flora

-by reducing our impact on the environment

-by giving up chemicals

-by making our property a hunting-free area to protect biodiversity.

On our property, you will find natural and furnished nest boxes and can discover birds, dragonflies

, butterflies and other beetles that populate

between the meadow and the trees of the property.