Well-being activities and massages



Want a moment to recharge your batteries?

""We specialize in well-being and have followed training in yoga, Ayurveda, qi gong, Afghan walking, mindfulness meditation, relaxation and coaching.

We invite you to discover these activities during your stay. Classes are open to beginners as well as the most experienced.

These well-being activities allowed me to better manage my stress and adopt a healthier pace of life.

It is with pleasure that I will share what I have learned and which serves me every day, when faced with the trials of life.


  • Learn to meditate:

We hear about it everywhere: mindfulness meditation has become a fashion phenomenon. And yet, beyond being a method of refocusing and managing stress and emotions, it offers a new vision of the world more connected to reality and allows you to discover a simple and healthy philosophy of life.

A secular meditation accessible to all, it teaches us to stop running to live with authenticity, to be truly present, present to what we are experiencing at the moment we are experiencing it, to stop dwelling on the past or projecting our fears onto the future.

There is no need to be in lotus posture to practice it. Whether in a static posture or in movements or in our everyday gestures, it's just a matter of learning to leave automatic mode and relearn how to be aware of the present moment...A vast program...

  • Relax with yoga nidra:

Without our busy, hyper-active Western lives, we all need to have moments of relaxation to release the mental and physical tensions accumulated throughout the day.

Yoga nidra or ""yogi's sleep"" allows you to immerse the body and mind in deep relaxation:a moment of inner peace where we abandon our demands and our need to control everything...

Keep your body supple and healthy with Yoga

Our work postures put a strain on our bodies. Add to that stress and this is how blockages and tensions set in and over time various ailments come to disrupt our lives.

So, how about learning simple movements to keep your body mobile and strong, learning to breathe and reconnect with your body.

Beyond this purely physical practice, yoga also allows you to achieve union between body, heart and mind. Consciousness accompanies every movement and opens the door to self-knowledge.

The postures and movements proposed are gentle and respectful of your body and its limits. They are accessible to beginners.

  • Circulate Qi with Qi Gong:

    Fatigue? Do you feel empty, without energy? Qi Gong will allow you to replenish your energy reserve and more generally to establish a routine to stay in good health.

    Internal art, Qi Gong is part of traditional Chinese medicine. Qi Gong is a practice which consists of circulating harmoniously in the body and mind "Qi", which can be translated as vital energy by mobilizing, strengthening, developing, purifying it. , and balancing it.

  • Walk without getting tired with Afghan walking:

Have you dreamed of walking for a long time without feeling stiff or out of breath?

Techniques exist and start from the observation of people of caravanners whose breath energizes each step.

By synchronizing the rhythm of your steps with your breathing, you get better oxygen, you rest your heart, and you stimulate your blood circulation.

Afghan walking also allows you to work on your posture by unlocking the pelvis and shoulders, making better use of your body while walking.

Walking rhythms can pursue a sporting objective (development of respiratory capacity) or a relaxation objective.

  • Get to know yourself better with Well-Being coaching:

We offer you personalized support on the following themes:

-Management of stress and emotions

-Find a balance in life
-Have a healthy lifestyle
-Get back to sleep.

The purpose of coaching is to define the problems encountered and to propose an action plan to remedy them. Well-being techniques or approaches are transmitted and exercises offered.

A coaching notebook is given to the coachee. Follow-up is possible later by Skype.

  • Release tension through massage:

    Our masseuses offer you:

    Hot oil body massage: Abhyanga

Duration 1 hour : €97

Duration 2 hours: 194€

Global massage that takes into account the seven chakras, the fourteen nadis and the marmas.

These strategic points, stimulated by different methods, adapted to each person's dosha (constitution), act on the circulation of vital energy throughout the body.

Both invigorating and soothing , it promotes generalized well-being, thus bringing total harmony between body and soul.

  • Energy massage

Duration 1 hour : €97

It is an invitation to an inner journey.
This energy treatment is a method of meditation through touch (by placing the hands).
It is intended to harmonize the body, mind, emotions…
It's a great way to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries.
It allows you to seek out your natural resources within yourself.

  • ""Customized"" Massage

Duration 1 hour : €97

We offer you a personalized massage. After an interview with our masseuse, you will be able to enjoy a treatment that will be completely adapted to your needs.

  • Reflexology

    An ancestral technique, this natural approach consists of exerting pressure on specific areas of the foot, hand and face. Each of these reflex zones has the particularity of corresponding to a part of our body.Working on these pressure points stimulates, regulates and tones the body and emotions in order to rebalance them for general well-being.